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  • Lighting
    Place in full sun for as many hours of the day as possible. You may find it helpful to move the plant to a sunny location when you are at work or not home for the day. If succulents start to lose color or get lanky, it is from insufficient light. The plants can be cut back, if desired, and will regrow as long as a couple leaves are left at the base end.
  • Watering
    Only when dry. Allow to dry out completely between watering’s. Small frequent watering will promote rot; allowing the plant to wilt slightly between watering is ok. If you are moving your pots outdoors in the summer, be sure the pots have drain holes or the plant will rot from excessive standing water. Less water is better……
  • Temperature
    Most tender succulents can handle some cool days BUT, do not allow the plants to get soaked. Once temperatures reach 5 degrees Celsius, you should be moving the plants indoors.
  • Soil
    Avoid any peat moss as it retains water and does not allow for drainage. An approximate mixture of 50% soil, 30% perlite and 20% pumice is ideal for good drainage and creating air spaces. Try to avoid using sand as it compacts over time and impedes drainage.
  • Fertilizer
    If kept indoors, fertilizing can be done at any time with a half strength concentration. As in any other plant, too much nitrogen will cause excessive growth. If the plant is kept outdoors, feeding from spring to August is ok and should be tapered down to nothing in September.
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